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Semiconductor Assembly Related Items:

   Back Grinding Process Items
      Back Grinding Tape Mounter - Manual
      Back Grinding Tape Mounter - Semi-Auto
      Back Grinding Tape Remover - Semi-Auto
      Precut Tape Applicator - Semi-Auto

   Dicing Process Related Items
      Dicing Tapes - All Types
      Tape Mounter - Manual
      Tape Mounter - Semi Auto
      Dicing Blades 
      Wafer Expander
      UV Exposure System      
      UV Dry Cleaning System

Static Electricity Removing Items:

   Comprehensive Catalog Page
      Ionizer Air Gun
      Ionizer Air Nozzle
      DC Ion Blower
      Compact Static Electricity Digital Measuring Tester.
      Inline type Air Nozzles
      Ionizer of various types

Mounting/Inspection Process Related Items:

   Wire Pull Tester
   Ball Shear Tester
   Wire Pull Tester (simple type)
   CCD Cameras, LED illuminated Inspection Microscopes, 


     February, 1998   (privately-owned corporation)
     Akira Nishikawa
     Semiconductor production equipment and
     materials sales/service,
     customer support, for Japanese and overseas market.
     Import/Export Related items.
     13-18 Saiwai-cho, Chigasaki-shi, Kanagawa,
     243-0052, Japan.
     Phone:	0467-59-4321
     Fax:	0467-59-4318
   Company mainly focuses to Test & Assembly segment of semiconductor process area, to both Japan and to Southeast Asian countries.
   Items are aimed to provide increasing production efficiency such as gaining yield, reliability, safety, cost effectiveness, and space savings.
   High accuracy, longer life of dicing blades for various substrate materials are welcomed by users. Various tapes such as standard PVC to strong adhesion UV tapes for both Back- Grinding and Dicings are handled and developed to meet all demanding needs.
   We also provide wire pull tester for wire-bonded chips. This Pull-Tester is one of kind you won't see from other suppliers in the market.

Participated 2007 Inter Nepcon, Japan. Tokyo.